SLS Power Limited-6 MW Biomass Plant  
Basic Data
  • 6MWBiomass Plant(commissioned:2001)
  • Location:Nellore (AndhraPradesh)
  • Multi Fuel Boiler(FBC)
    • Wood
    • Rice Husk
    • Juliflora, Cococnut Shell
  • The boiler is sized to produce a maximum of 30 tons per hour of steam. The steam turbine is a straight condensing type machine with two bleed off, one to generator and one to LP heater for feed water heating.
  • The steam conditions at the mainstream valve inlet are at a pressure of 65 kg/cm2 and temperature of 485 Deg C.Power generated from the plant is evacuated through a 132 kV sub station at Navalakh Gardens with a capacity of 10/16MVA to APTRANSCO grid, which is about 2 km from the plant.
Silent Features

  • 15th Biomass plant in India
  • Operating history of 8 years.
  • 120 rice mills in a catchment area of 10kms
  • PPA with SEB already ended in Mar 2011.
  • CDM secured with crediting period till 2014
  • Generating close to 30 million units annually plf 80%