Dummagudem Power Project  
Project Overview
  • Dummagudem project is a 24 MW left flank of branch Anicut type of hydro project located at Godavari river in Dummagudem Village,Bhadrachalam, Kammam district, Telangana.
  • The Project Has Already Commissioned in Jan 2014
  • The mean energy estimated based on the 12 years flow data from the Irrigation Department (ID) of the Government of Telangana works out to be close to 100.3 MU/annum.
  • Leading consultants like Tata Consulting Engineers have been engaged for the project. 
  • The turbines are imported by the EPC contractor from M/S. Zhejiang Electro Mechanical company ltd., China, who are a 40 years old organization specializing in turbine manufacture for Hydel Power Projects.
  • The Project is eligible for Carbon Credit benefits and registration has been obtained from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
Design Philosophy

  • The Dummagudem Mini Hydro Electric Project envisages the utilization of head and discharge in the Left flank of the Branch Anicut Godavari.Dummagudem anicut comprise two portions viz., Main anicut and branch anicut.
  • An approach channel for a short length to convey water to the Intake. The Intake Structure / Head Regulator with six vents each consisting of a trash rack, intake gate and a motorized gate are proposed on left side of the Dummagudem Branch anicut to draw controlled discharges into Powerhouse.
  • The six generating units of power house is proposed on left side of the left flank of Branch Anicut on river Godavari to draw controlled discharges.
  • This power house utilizes economically exploitable rated head of 4.9m. The power house is designed to accommodate six units of 4000 KW rated capacity generators based on the discharge in the river.