Sugur Mini Hydel Scheme in Bellary Karnataka  
Location M.Sugurvillage, SiriguppaTaluk
District / State Bellary, Karnataka
Development type Run of the river plant utilizing head at the location.
Installed capacity 4.5 MW (3x1.5)
River Stream / Canal River Tungabhadra
Water conductor system Diversion structure , Forebay, Intake structure, Power house and tailrace channel
Penstock Inlet pipe of 4mtr dia x 6mtr length
Turbines Vertical full Kaplan
Rated Discharge 29 cumecs
Rated Head 6.2 mtr
Generators Synchronous
Power house 31.5m (L) x 33m (W) x 30m (H)
Date of Commissioning Nov 2006
Annual Generation Potential 24.4 Mu
Transmission line (already setup by BPCL) 33KV Double circuit transmission line to Tekkalkota Substation about 25kms length